The Cybersecurity Experimentation of the Future (CEF) Report presents the final conclusions of our NSF-funded CEF study. In this report, we discuss our overall approach to the study and our vision for the future of cybersecurity experimentation. We propose a strategic plan and enabling roadmap, intended to catalyze generational advances in the field of experimental cybersecurity research. We also present our top 5 recommendations for immediate action to start the effort toward achieving our vision.


The report recommendations are based on an understanding of the current state-of-the-art in cybersecurity experimentation infrastructure and on broad community input. We brought together 75 stakeholders spanning 50 academic, private industry, and government organizations. Our conclusions are based on the general consensus of the community participants on the problems, requirements, and capabilities needed to support future cybersecurity experimentation. 

The report roadmap lays out capability-based development goals for the near-, mid-, and long-term. The proposed roadmap will enable members of the community to work cooperatively toward realizing the needed capabilities, each focusing on parts of the roadmap that are most important to him or her. By cooperatively developing this community-wide research infrastructure, we will reduce redundant efforts, enabling us to redirect resources into solving hard cybersecurity challenges more rapidly.

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